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The Nudibranch's on this page are all from around Mabul, North East Borneo, and the Lembeh Straights in North Sulawesi. I have recently added (i will be very shortly) the Nudibranchs from Tulamben Bay, Bali

The resort shown on the left is Kungkungan Bay Resort and it sits in the narrow body of water between mainland North Sulawesi and Lembeh Island, the body of water is called Lembeh Straits, it is one of the most prolific and concentrated areas of the world for strange fish life. It is home to some of the most fascinating creatures i have ever seen, it is a Muck Divers heaven, a Mecca for macro photographer's. The Old Platform (above right) is Seaventures Resort situated 1 km off Mabul Island North East Borneo. It was here that we first discovered "muck diving" and the strange critters that live in these waters. Both myself and my wife Janet have done hundreds of dives under and around the Seaventures platform. If you look at the large image of the platform, you can see the Resort of Kapali just between the legs of the platform.

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