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When it rains in the Strait's, boy does it rain. Bastianos, view from our cottage towards the restaurant. The very Blue, "Male" Blue Ribbon Eel.
The Orangutan Crab. The Dock at Bastianos. Xenon Crab, found on Whip Coral.
The elusive Rhinopias, we have been very lucky to see 3 different colour's of this fish here in Lembeh.  A Yellow Rhinopias, what a find. And yet another one, so so lucky.
Two Harlequin Shrimp Busy with their meal, these two were found at Police Pier. A Master of disguise, these creatures can change their skin colour at will, right in front of your eye's. KBR is well placed in the Strait's to access all dive sites in reasonable time, Bastianos Resort is situated opposite KBR on the Island of Lembeh.
These tiny Shrimp are not easy to photograph as they dart around the Starfish. Another little Shrimp. Emperor Shrimp, these can often be found on Sea Cucumber, they like the shade so look underneath.
Usually very shy creatures. Such beautiful colours. Amazing how nature disguise's allmost everything.
Not the easiest creature to photograph, their translucent body makes focusing hard work at times. These cheeky little Shrimp were found around a cleaning station, looking after a Moray Eel.  
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